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Apr 8, 2015
:iconchaoticwaltz:chaoticwaltz has changed their username (formerly Choco-Doodle)
Indigo Dragon by chaoticwaltz
Indigo Dragon
Damn you Malachy and your impeccable back muscles

Malachy Isidore belongs to raketotheface 
Hi there~ by chaoticwaltz
Hi there~
How ya doin'? Nice to meetcha, are you new in town?

Featuring raketotheface 's cyborg oc Sylvester Felice, unfortunately meeting the glitchy "older model" Corvin Mallory who belongs to me.
The Devil Makes Work For Idle Hands by chaoticwaltz
The Devil Makes Work For Idle Hands
I shouldn't be allowed to draw with nothing really in mind. My idle doodles turn out... interestingly.
Asshat by chaoticwaltz
Filthy vampire casual turns a warlock to be his willing slave.
Tagged by Severe-Fangirlitis because 
actually i tag Choco-Doodle and raketotheface in particular cause they hate this shit hahahahAHAHAHAHH
Well fuck you too, Sophie Shitface Cockmaster, YOU'RE NOT MY REAL DAD!

Name: Pod
Middlename: P R I N C E   O F   T H E   V O I D
Surname: Stabbicles
Nicknames: Silly Bat, Poddles, Nerd, Fuckin' Sap
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Stop. Weight: A minute.
Height: 5'6" last I checked.
Birthday: 27th Jan
Favourite Thing To Do: Drawing, writing, shipping, gaming, spending time with Kit.
Favourite Colour/Shade: Blood red. Black and white. Ghost Pokémon purple.
Favourite Animals: DRAGONS. Also owls, ravens, bats, snakes and spiders.
Favourite Food: Uh. Popcorn. Homemade egg-fried rice.
Favourite Drinks: Lady Grey tea.
What School Do You Go To?: The School Of Failing At Life. I major in Procrastination, Being Poor and Advanced Neuroses.
Where Do You Live?: Begrudgingly on Earth.
How Many Brothers and Sisters Do You Have?: Four brothers and a sister, all younger than me. The two older brothers have the same mother and father as me, the sister and another brother have the same mother but different fathers (to me and each other), and the youngest brother only has the same father as me.
Fact About Youuuuuu: I'm a needy baby. And I'm addicted to creating characters.
About Your Future?: I aspire to be of worth.
What Was Your First Game When You Were Little?: I distinctly remember having a Dreamcast when I was a tiny spawn. It wasn't mine, it belonged to my step-dad at the time. We had a Sonic game on it. Then we got an N64 and had all the awesome shit: Pokémon Stadium, Ocarina of Time, Conker's Bad Fur Day (which we weren't actually allowed to play but did it anyway when Mum was not in the room), etc etc. OH NO WAIT. BEFORE THEN. BEFORE THEN WE HAD THE ORIGINAL LEGEND OF ZELDA. We all gathered around the cupboard, behind the Gaming Chair, watching my brother play it.
A Painful Thing You've Done Before: I frequently pick and bite my fingers, lips and the inside of my cheeks 'til they bleed.
What Is Your Favorite Emotion To Use?: c:
Your Fears?: Abandonment, rejection and being alone. Also death.
What's Your Fave Game?: Majora's Mask, Ocarina of Time, Pokémon everything, Borderlands 2, Skyrim, WoW, Phoenix Wright, Smash Bros., uh recently Eden Eternal because reasons
What Place Is Your Fave?: Wherever Kit is. Near. Far. WHEREVER YOU ARE. I WILL BE HERE GAMING AND ANNOYING YOU. 

Fuck yo tags.
  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Marik plays Bloodlines
  • Playing: Eden Eternal


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Addictions: Art || Writing || Gaming || RP
Likes: Feeling good
Dislikes: Feeling bad
Quote: It's dangerous to go alone, taaake this~

Current Residence: Hell
Tunage: Varies; depending on mood, location and recent events. Some fav genres are rock, metal, orchestral, 90s pop and swing. Much prefer relatable music, music that inspires feels and music that relates to characters. And songs about video games.
Operating System: The human body

Warning: Contains content NSFW and possibly offensive.

I am not a sociopath.
Main Blog: Pretty much all reblogs and the occasional shitty text post.

Kairo's Nuzlocke Challenge
KNC, the ongoing comic for my Nuzlocke Challenge [HIATUS]

Welcome to That's My Afterlife! Okay, Lifer, this is it; the grand prize of Eternal Rest or Damnation. Tell me... What's. Your. Afterlife?! 

5 deviants said You know, Mark, I believe that I will be reborn as someone or something new. My Afterlife will be more of a... Redo. Yes. I'll be brand new! Like the phoenix~
3 deviants said Well, Jim. I'm going to ascend to a heaven that I believe in because I have worked hard to make sure I'm a good person and commit no sin or redeem myself if I have. I'll meet my family there.
2 deviants said There's no Afterlife, Jeremy. Wormfood, that's what I'll be. Just dead. That's it. Nothing. Wha-- No, it's not depressing. It's logical. Science, man.
2 deviants said I'll rise again, of course. To stalk the night and consume the living. Flesh, blood, bone... Whichever I end up craving with every fibre of my cursed being... Oho, yes. And I'll start with YOU, Norbert.
2 deviants said It's... too early to start thinking about that sort've thing, I think. I mean, come on Dvarschuck. I've barely started LIVING, yet. But, I dunno. Maybe one of those other suggestions. Hopefully one of the awesome ones.
1 deviant said I'm going down and I'm going down hard, Harvey. I'll probably burn or freeze or be torn apart by hellhounds for my crimes. Not... looking forward... to that...
1 deviant said My Afterlife will be just like my life-life, Gaston. I won't be able to tell the difference, really. I'll just be living the same life over and over and over... And I can't be sad about it because I'll never know.
No deviants said Well, Vladimir... I'll walk the earth forever more... Tormented spirit, dark to the core... I'll haunt the place where I met my death... Never to draw another breath... And I'll move stuff around and make people freak out and stuff. That'll be awesome.
No deviants said Afterlife? What Afterlife dost thou speakest of, Willhelm? I shalt not perish for I... am immortal! To believe anything else is pure fiction. Ahahahahah. I shall enjoy watching those die around me as I... live... on... and... Oh.
No deviants said Welp. Since I'll die a hero's death, I'm gonna live like a king up there! It's going to be awesome. Parties, feasting, drinking, women/men. Aw yeah... Way better than YOUR Afterlife, Randalf.


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Mayor-Of-Bukimi Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh my god??? your art???? oh my god i just looked through your art and its really really good!!
chaoticwaltz Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh wow, thank you! This actually made me smile, I'm flattered. I'm so glad you like it!
psychonator17 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Just to make clear: Mariachimon consist of Ludicolo and Maracti.
Right. Now that that's settled:

:dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :folklorico: Start the Brasses Harlem Shake Harlem Shake Emoticon Harlem Shake MEX :folklorico: :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance



*Mariachimon disappear into the ether*

In case that song made no sense whatsoever, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
chaoticwaltz Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Omfg this is amazing. Thank you so much! xD 
infinitywaltz Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
chaoticwaltz Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
THANK YOU BAE -tackles and rolls with, snoogz all over-
dw4ever Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2015  Student General Artist
I saw the Malsery doodle from you're friend you reblogged on Tumblr and looked at your icon and went 'heeeeeyyy I recognise that style' Popped on here to see your awesome art on it too aaah 
It looks like a great ship Pod c:
chaoticwaltz Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Eeeeeeee-- thank you Zelly! They're my friggin' babies aaaaaah. gjfdlkhl;fdhk. I'd ramble for decades about 'em but I'll spare you the spam xD;
Dude, your art's improved last time I saw it, nice work! =O
dw4ever Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2015  Student General Artist
I would love to know about them omg go on and ramble x3 You're welcome!
And aaaaah thanks ;v; I've been practicing! ^^
chaoticwaltz Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Ffff, okay, I've been putting off replying because I needed to set some time aside to fully explain the glory that is Malsery.
I'm sorry if this gets long, I never get the chance to explain the full storyyyyyy~

And yes! It definitely shows! You're getting really good =D

Okay. The full story so far.
 Picture a city, run by the sins themselves, full of supernatural creatures hidden from the eyes of mere mortals. That city's name is Granite, and it is the supernatural capital of the world.
 Within Granite there's various factions and groups that vie for power over the city. The Werewolf Mafia runs its own organised crime syndicate; The Serpent Blade (TSB) are a hidden neutral guild of assassins, thieves and other outcasts; the Indigo Association resides in Granite's tallest building, a skyscraper of 50 floors, and has political immunity thanks to its leader who has eyes everywhere; the Misery Company are a terrorist organisation hidden underground in the centre of a complex labyrinth; and the Granite Police Department (GPD) try to keep the peace. There are others too, like a group known only as "The Spiders", who exist in shadows and deal in information, and a bunch of smaller gangs in the slummy areas of the city fighting for dominance.

 The Indigo Association is run by Indigo, aka Malachy Isidore (who belongs to my bae raketotheface) who is a demon, and the Misery Company is run by Sir Misery, aka Sylvarus Misenari, who is a vampire and mine. Malachy and Misery = Malsery.

 Basically, 60yrs ago, the Indigo Association was pretty new and working towards taking over Granite by decimating all of the smaller gangs and adding the stragglers to their ranks (those they didn't kill, anyway). But Malachy could not have foreseen the arrival of Sir Misery, who was in Granite for some time, watching and waiting and gathering his strength before revealing himself to the city.

 Misery attacked the public in daylight, in plain sight, and waited for the GPD to show up. There, he proceeded to introduce himself and single-handedly killed the majority of the officers that turned up before fighting with Ira Wrath (yes, the sin, who is also the Chief of Police) and being forced to flee (he can't kill a sin, no way, no how). But that hardly mattered, he'd done what he sought to do; make an impression.
 And make an impression he did. Just as he left, he caught the eye of a particular demon who happened to have been passing by; who had joined the growing crowd of morbidly curious bystanders. Malachy Isidore and Sylvarus Misenari shared a moment that day and fell for each other; not that they knew it. Thanks to their pasts, neither of them even considered love to be a thing. No, they were just interested in each other's minds.

 Misery then took out several of Malachy's trusted advisors and higher-ups over a short period, forcing Malachy to strike back. Which he did. With relish. He blew up a building, killing several, and complete with fireworks that lit up the sky with a huge letter M. The GPD assumed M for Misery, blaming him for the event; which was unintentional, but it worked very much in Malachy's favour.
 Despite being framed, Misery was entertained by this bright show. He decided that Malachy was a very interesting person indeed, and he would very much like to get to know him better.

 They spent the next 60yrs as arch-nemeses, rivals, intellectual equals, always on the same wavelength, knowing each other even better than they knew themselves. They enjoyed the dance, the eternal waltz, playing the game as if engaging in a city-wide battle of chess with Malachy as the White King and Misery as the Black King -- because of Malachy's political stance, the city is largely unaware of his dastardly undertakings and therefore "good", whereas Misery is well known as an evil mass-murdering terrorist. Neither of them aware of the feelings that fueled their obsession with each other. Oblivious soul-mates; they complete each other.

 Fast forward to the year before last, where Luxuria Lust mischievously placed a spell upon them that plagued them with mental images of their greatest desires (and the feelings to match); each other. Which then triggered Malachy channeling those feelings into his bodyguard, Jinx, in complete denial of his true feelings for his rival.
 Misery, similarly, ignored them completely, believing them to be nothing more than the product of spellcraft. But, when his own trickster employee (Enigma) showed him proof of Malachy's relationship with Jinx, something hit Misery hard. It hurt. It hurt a lot. And he didn't understand why. He was assaulted with strong feelings of anger, betrayal, pain, confusion-- he tried to logically figure it out, as he isn't much of an emotional thinker, but could not draw an conclusions. Thus, he plotted to get his answers another way... through Malachy himself.

 Misery quite often invites Malachy out to dinners and things. In the past Malachy always refused because he knew damn well that it was a trap. Now, however, since he has a lot more power in his court (a contract demon named Maverick), he accepts because although they are both trying ever so hard to kill each other and become the victor in their little game, he really genuinely does enjoy Misery's company... and he enjoys getting to see the vampire's mind work in person as much as Misery enjoys seeing his. Plus with Maverick by his side, he needn't fear the things he once did.
 These dinners became a regular thing, an unspoken truce where neither of them would act maliciously towards each other -- but after Misery was made aware of Jinx and Malachy's relationship, he plotted to destroy that truce; as much as it pained him.
 So, he got Enigma to capture Maverick to avoid any interference and when the time came, he sprang his trap on Malachy, who was... actually incredibly hurt. He felt betrayed, and he didn't really know why. Perhaps it was because he had rather been looking forward to spending some time with his rival, only to have that all shattered to pieces. Perhaps it was something more... He didn't know. What he did know was that he had been wrong about his relationship with his rival. Misery cared only for the game. That was evident. He grew cold...

 Back in Misery HQ, Malachy was locked up tight in a torture chamber. Bitterly resigning himself to his fate, he barely reacted to Misery's presence. Misery began the torture but... something seemed... wrong. He wasn't enjoying it. At all. How could this be? Malachy was his rival, was he not? He should be... happy... But he wasn't. In fact, he was quite the opposite. He still recalled the look of betrayal on Malachy's face, and that pained him more than he cared to admit.
 Thinking he could solve all this by killing Malachy, he attempted to do so -- but he... just couldn't... It was almost laughable. He... didn't want his rival dead. He didn't want the game to end. These past 60yrs... Had they all been a lie?
 Unable to face Malachy any longer, he left. And that's when Enigma popped in.
 Enigma had been watching their relationship for decades now, and it was blindingly obvious to him how they felt about each other -- how could they not see it?! Were they so blind?!
 He proceeded to try and educate Malachy on the subject with his usual cryptic puzzles and clues, only for Malachy's resentment and denial to boil forth and cause him to lose it completely once it was revealed that he was actually in love with Misery. Breaking free of his bindings, he turned on Enigma and would have killed him then and there had he not hesitated for a moment -- giving Misery enough time to pin him. Misery, having been watching the security tapes and wondering why the hell Enigma was in there, had rushed down the moment Malachy began breaking free.
 Misery tried to get him to calm down, unsure why Malachy's pain hurt him so, and eventually managed to get him to regain his senses. Enraptured by his vulnerability and the blood on his lips, and driven by a need to comfort him, Misery kissed him.
 Maverick managed to break free from Enigma's trap soon after and appeared to spirit Malachy away, much to both Misery and Malachy's upset. Before Malachy could tell him to stop, Maverick had thrown Misery to the floor and he and Malachy had vanished. 

 Both of them were now thoroughly confused -- what the hell was that all about? Misery's mind was full of questions that needed answering, and Malachy's also. Unable to handle it before too long, Malachy ordered Maverick to deal with Enigma and kidnap Misery. Then... Then it would be settled once and for all.

 Now with Misery in his clutches, Malachy had him chained and blindfolded in his personal torture chamber. He got his employee Xavier, an adept at mind magic, to pull the answers right out of Misery's head. Such magic had a terrible side-effect of paining the target greatly, and Misery was in agony. He fought Xavier, he fought himself, his brain began tearing itself up to get away from the answers it feared, and Xavier was forcibly flung from his mind. He attempted to explain what he had seen to Malachy; Misery's reaction to seeing Malachy and Jinx together. Malachy, shocked and enraged, ordered Xavier to flee -- and he didn't need telling twice.
 Unfortunately, the needles of magic were left in Misery's skull and starvation (from not feeding the past few days due to emotional distress) and lack of sleep served to make him vulnerable. Enraged, driven half-mad with pain and emotion, he thrashed at his bindings and ripped the chain from the ceiling. Malachy, terrified, tried to flee only for Misery to slam him into the wall. Scared to death, Malachy thought that this was truly the end for him... but Misery still could not kill him.
 Backing off, he screamed and thrashed, and clawed at himself, lashing out desperately in the hopes of soothing the wrath in his soul, but nothing was working. Malachy's fear of his own life turned to fear for Misery's and, disregarding his own safety, he moved to stop Misery from doing further damage to himself.
 He seized Misery and begged him to calm down. He couldn't stand to see his rival, his love, in this state. He couldn't.
 Thankfully, Misery did calm... He calmed and the two of them embraced...

 There was the worry that they had destroyed the game; the game that had consumed them so entirely, the game that gave their lives purpose. But... no, that wasn't true. The game hadn't been destroyed, it had just changed. They didn't need to murder one another... They could just change the rules...

 Accepting of their own feelings for each other, now they seek to capture, not kill, in order to spend some quality time with their beloved -- whilst keeping it a secret from their own organisations. After all, they have an image to uphold.

 And that is Malsery. -keels over-
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